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Notice of Default

What is a Default?

Today we will take a look at what a default notice is. A default notice is sent when the relationship with your creditor has broken down. You are normally served a notice of default after three to six months of continuous missed payments on an account. The default notice is required by law as it […]

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Bad Credit Report

What is Adverse Credit?

Adverse Credit History is a history of bad credit on your credit report. When you have adverse credit it can make obtaining a loan or credit card very difficult. Even if you are accepted it can be very expensive too. If you have recently failed a credit check and you have adverse credit recorded on […]

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Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

What is Sleep Apnoea

Sleep Apnoea is a condition of the respiratory system in which the throat narrows or closes and repeatedly interrupts a person`s breathing whilst they are sleeping. When this happens the sufferers oxygen level in their blood decreases. The difficulty in breathing will wake the sufferer up which in turn results in a poor quality of […]

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All about your Credit Rerport

What is a Credit Report?

Your Credit Report is a history of your financial conduct with organisations who you have borrowed money from. For example if you have a credit card, mobile phone contract or a mortgage for example, then the chances are that some information about your payment performance is being maintained by one or more of the Credit […]

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